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About us

Targeting first time voters

We know what the problem is. While Europeans say they appreciate the EU more than ever, only half of Europe’s adult population say they are interested in the European election. In fact, the May 2014 EU election saw the lowest voter turnout on record.

For the 2019 European elections, a major target group for voter turnout is young first-time voters. However, this focus on young citizens misses the large number of ‘mobile’ first-time voters and EU mobile citizens living in another Member State.

As a partner of This time I’m voting campaign, the Migration Policy Group has launched VoteEuropa: a non-partisan campaign funded by the European Parliament to mobilise and encourage mobile EU citizens, naturalised migrants and refugees and young people of diverse backgrounds in 7 EU countries to vote in May’s European elections.

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Interpersonal contact—face-to-face or online—has proven the most effective and cost effective among first-time voters. Accordingly, VoteEuropa has recruited EU Democracy Fellows on the ground in Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, and Poland who will recruit and train volunteers so that they become VoteEuropa ambassadors and work with social media actions, videos, trainings and multilingual media to spread our tested messages and get out the vote.

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This time i'm voting

Launched by the Migration Policy Group, VoteEuropa is a partner of this time I’m voting, the European Parliament’s official non-partisan campaign to encourage voters and volunteers to get-out-the-vote in May’s European elections.

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The VoteEuropa project is co-funded by the European Parliament. This project reflects only the views of the Migration Policy Group. The European Parliament is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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