How to vote

How to vote

The European Elections 2019 website

For general information on the elections, how to vote in the 27 Member States and what to do if you are abroad.

What Europe does for me

How Europe affects your everyday lives.

This time I'm voting

For events in your local area, volunteering and persuading your community to vote.

How to vote

For how to vote in your country of residence or abroad.

Your vote matters

For quizzes to help you find the MEP/party that matches your views.

This time i'm voting

Launched by the Migration Policy Group, VoteEuropa is a partner of this time I’m voting, the European Parliament’s official non-partisan campaign to encourage voters and volunteers to get-out-the-vote in May’s European elections.

Persuade your community to vote

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The VoteEuropa project is co-funded by the European Parliament. This project reflects only the views of the Migration Policy Group. The European Parliament is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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