Kent u de echte kracht van uw stem?

Kent u de echte kracht van uw stem?
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Non-voters could make or break the European elections this May 2019. This election is so close--your vote can make a huge difference!
Niet-stemmers kunnen de Europese verkiezingen in mei maken of breken. Deze verkiezingen gaan er om spannen--jouw stem maakt het verschil!

Check out POLITICO to see how many non-voters it would take to beat the leading party in your country.
Ga naar POLITICO om te bekijken hoeveel niet-stemmers nodig zijn om de winnende partij te verslaans.

Sign up to #ThisTimeImVoting to find local events and persuade others to vote!
Schrijf je in voor #ThisTimeImVoting voor evenementen en om anderen te overtuigen hun stem te gebruiken
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Launched by the Migration Policy Group, VoteEuropa is a partner of this time I’m voting, the European Parliament’s official non-partisan campaign to encourage voters and volunteers to get-out-the-vote in May’s European elections.

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The VoteEuropa project is co-funded by the European Parliament. This project reflects only the views of the Migration Policy Group. The European Parliament is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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