Do you know the diversity pioneers of the European Parliament?

Do you know the diversity pioneers of the European Parliament?
The young, mobile and diverse Europe we live in today is not yet represented in the European Parliament. But that’s changing! Do you know all of the ‘Famous Firsts’ of diverse Europeans that have been elected in the European Parliament and paved the way for us to improve Europe for everyone?
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The European Parliament was 1st directly elected by Europe’s citizens in 1979 — these were the first international elections in HISTORY! Do you know who was elected as its President?
True or False: No EU citizen has ever successfully been elected in two different EU countries.
Who was the 1st Member of the European Parliament (MEP) of African descent?
Approximately how many MEPs with Muslim family backgrounds have been elected over the past 20 years?
True or False: You have to be an EU citizen to be elected as an MEP
When was the 1st openly LGBTI MEP elected?
True or False: There has never been an MEP candidate wearing the Islamic headscarf.
When was the 1st Roma MEP elected?
What was the age of youngest MEP ever elected?
The 1st male and female MEPs of Asian descent were both elected in 1999. From which country did their parents originate?
Who was the first deaf MEP elected?
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