How important is the EU for you?

How important is the EU for you?
The European Union influences your life: from the quality of your chocolate, to your pension rights, to the probability that you will take a trip to Mars. The European Parliament has the power to accept or reject the European Commission, the EU budget and nearly all EU laws. Take this quiz to find out how the EU affects your life. 
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How important is it to you that students can study abroad in the EU?
4,5 million students have been able to study abroad in another EU country because of the Erasmus+ programme, but that's only 5% of all EU students per year.
How important is fighting youth unemployment to you?
"Youth unemployment stands at 14.5% across the EU and rises to over 30% in Spain Italy and Greece. Every year, 5 million young people sign up for the EU Youth Guarantee and 70% of them end up with a job, internship or higher education."
How important is gender equality in the labour market to you?
The EU has the power to guarantee gender equality at work, but women are still paid less per hour than men across all countries of the EU.
How important is free movement in the EU to you?
A record number of EU citizens--15 million--are living in another EU country, thanks to their freedom of movement as EU citizens. But some still face problems with social security, administrative procedures and work.
How important is migration to you?
The EU has the power to change countries' asylum and migration laws, but hasn't been able to reform its laws for the past 3 years.
How important is discrimination to you?
Nearly 1 in 5 Europeans experience discrimination. The EU created Europe's first anti-discrimination laws in 2000, but hasn't been able to pass new ones since.
How important is climate change to you?
Under the Paris agreement, countries have promised the UN that they will do more to stop climate change. The EU has the power to set high environmental standards that apply across Europe.
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